About The Sisterhood




The New Earth Sisterhood is the community of the New Earth Goddess, the goddess of the rose and all that we are becoming as the Earth transitions into the golden age to come.

Many of you have worked long and hard clearing your hearts of the past and even past lives and you have delved so deep within to find your true self for often she has been buried beneath so much conditioning and painful memories.

You may be new to this path or you may have tread it for a very long time but if you are here reading this you are an old soul carrying deep wisdom within you which you have gathered from every lifetime you have ever lived. The time is now, the time to move forward to totally reclaim your goddess self, your rose self.

We are part of the beginning of a new world and the peace to come and we are here as participants in the birthing of a new earth.

I am offering a year long immersion into your New Earth Goddess self for those who wish to be completely immersed in the New Earth energies. As part of the year long immersion you will be able to join the closed Facebook group New Earth Goddess where I will nurture and feed you and support you on your journey throughout the year.

Upon completion of the year long New Earth Goddess Immersion you will be able to teach your own New Earth Goddess Immersions and create your own New Earth Sisterhood as part of a greater circle of women.

The link to the details for the New Goddess Immersion is at the top of the page under Immersions.


Be A Part




By coming together through this website you are entering in to the sacred circle of the New Earth Sisterhood as we navigate the waters of the future into the New Earth.

We are connected together by our passion for truth, healing, love and nurturing and we share this in our sisterhood circle for whenever you join with others who are on the same path you are then linked in and connected with one another.

The New Earth Sisterhood is all about the sisterly energy which is shared amongst you but it is also about a deepening of the magnificence of who you truly are and the fullest awakening of your divine feminine goddess within. This is a step beyond all that you have done before for it leads you to your destination of your true home.

By entering into this circle you will have access to many things and these include:

A year long immersion into your New Earth Goddess self

Soul Immersion-personal sessions

7th. Ray Quantum Healing

Sacred space in Mary's Flower Apothecary

Sacred space in The Garden Of The Sun

The rose is the greatest symbol of the soul, of the goddess and of the new Earth and it is also a complete expression of you rising up into sovereignty.

I have used pictures from my own rose garden throughout this website.

The earth awakens and the rose rises and as the rose you are not separate from the Earth itself and when you reclaim your true goddess self as you rise up then so does the great mother goddess, our blessed earth.

If you work with me either in the immersions or in personal sessions I will invite you to join the closed Facebook group, New Earth Sisterhood, where you can share and communicate with others and where I will continue to support you and provide further teachings.




The Greening




When you connect to this website you also connect to the Emerald Fire, a sacred fire of healing and awakening.

Green is the colour of the heart and it is also the colour of the great goddess Gaia and there is a process called the Greening and here I interpret it as the Greening of the heart of the greater opening and healing of the heart and the Greening of the self as we work in tandem with the Earth for our own personal ascension and the ascension of the planet.

I reach out to the women who search for truth and who search for the deepest healing within so that we can come together in our sisterhood for the New Earth.

As the earth rises in consciousness she reaches out to us also to share her wisdom and her healing with us and as part of our sisterhood we are here to celebrate and honour mother Earth and participate and help in her ascension as we move into the golden times ahead.